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Ant1, 30 Years, We Are One







Ant1 30 Years, We Are One

What’s more important for a TV channel than its content is that it can be part of people’s “life content”, consistently for 30 years. And that’s what can transform another “anniversary” ad into an emotional story.

It was December 31, 1989. The first day Ant1 Channel visited every Greek living room. Since then, a lot has changed in the Greek TV environment. Yet, Ant1 Channel is still here, all those years steadily present in the fabric of the Greeks’ daily life, steadily growing up along with them. It was December 31, 2019. The day Ant1 Channel celebrated 30 years of being one with the Greek audience; with nostalgic Christmas story, a “time machine” that unraveled the 30-year story of a family, a country, aTV channel. To sow memories of a sweet past and longing of a fruitful future.