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Club Οικιακής Τεχνολογίας






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If in your 20’s you were hitting the clubs, you’ll feel the love with our most recent campaign for Plaisio. Featuring a captivating vaporwave aesthetic and a retro-futuristic vibe Plaisio transforms the shopping experience into an 80’s night out with a humoristic spin.

The Club Oikiakis Texnologias, a not-so-ordinary club is the place to be if you’ve moved on from partying and nights out and you’re in the phase where you’re looking for all the high-end white appliances for your home, which’ll make life easier. The campaign welcomes to the Club Oikiakis Texnologias, and at the same time to adulthood, the new generation, presenting in a comical way smart and easy solutions for all their new needs. Here, there is no shame in “feeling love” for smart washing machines and Wifi refrigerators, as the well-known campaign song states. Searching for the best fitted kitchen can be really stressful and buying a new air conditioner is the coolest thing.

The campaign is complemented by ATL and BTL applications, for a targeted communication that highlights Plaisio as the must destination for young people to buy home appliances.